Admission process PK 2025

Applications for pre-K, conducted in march and re-open in October. We received applications from families from schools outside of Santiago, Chile, as long as there are vacancies to the desired level.

For inquiries on availability of vacancies, please write to the ministry of Admission: Magdalena Fluxá,

Documents required to apply for PK 2025:


→ Tuesday 12 march – Walk-in for New Families Pk 2024 / 19:30 hours
→ Saturday, 6 and 13 of April – Examinations for New Families Children
→ Week of April 15 – Interviews for New Families Begin
→ Saturday, April 27 – Examinations for siblings and teacher's children

Delivery of results: Los resultados del proceso de admisión serán comunicados a los apoderados vía correo electrónico el día 7 de mayo. Asimismo, estarán disponibles a partir del miércoles 8 en la recepción del colegio.

The exam of maturity seeks to assess the maturity and the development achieved by the applicants in the different areas of observation at the time of assessment. It is not a diagnostic evaluation and also measure knowledge or skills. The evaluation aims to determine if the applicant has enough maturity to enter Pre-kindergarten. There is no special preparation needed. For the applicants who are overseas in the examination of maturity will be made online.

It is noted that neither the registration of the application process, or the fact that you comply with all stages of the process successfully, ensures the registration or reservation of this in The Southern Cross School.

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