Bonus of Incorporation

The Bonus of incorporation is paid only once in the school life of the pupil, when you enter THE SOUTHERN CROSS SCHOOL. This bonus non-refundable and must be paid in cash when enrolling the student. There are different sections, depends on the course to enter the student.

Value of the bonus course


Pre-k and Kindergarten 85 UF

1° to 4° Basic 70 UF

5° to 8° Basic 60 UF

1° and 2° 50 UF

3rd and 4th Medium 40 UF

  • If the student enrollment is the second brother has a discount of 4 UF, the third of 6 UF, and the following 8-OH of the section that pertains to you.

Tuition fees or Monthly fees

The value of the yearly tuition is 165 UF for Pre-kindergarten to 4th Through and be able to cancel maximum in 10 equal installments from march to December.

The third brother and the following have a discount of 25%. Date payment is on the 10th day of each month (month in advance), the delay will have a surcharge of 1% per month. If the yearly tuition is paid in one installment until the 31st of march, you will have a 2% discount. If a student is withdrawn in the course of the year, it will warn with a month ahead of time or cancel the tuition for that month.

Tuition includes the notebooks given by the school until 6th basic, the Program of outdoor Education (for 4th, 5th, 7th and basic 1st half) and all the examinations of the University of Cambridge our students perform to obtain international certificates in English.

6° basic – KET for Schools

8° basic – PET for Schools

III medium – FCE for Schools

IV – middle FALLS



The value of the tuition is 11 UF for all students, from Pre-k to 4° Medio. This is non-refundable, has no discount and does not include any extra. Tuition fees are paid in the month of October of the previous school year.

Admission test

The value of the admission test is $ 50.000 to apply for any of the courses.



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