Educational Project

Educational Project

The Southern Cross School provides a solid academic education in a climate of high expectations for all their students, which focuses on the acquisition of the English language, and that allows them to continue with success in higher studies and to integrate constructively to the society.

The college offers a wide ethics training, as part of his early education, which promotes respect for all people, without distinction of any kind, and offers various opportunities for individual and social development for all students.

Our challenges
Cope with the changes of the society generating learnings that enable it to adapt constructively to a world subject to profound changes, and faster; to develop in students those skills that will open doors in the world of work and knowledge; developing in living attitudes and values that allow them to build a better society.

Reach out to all students, at the right time and with the best pedagogical tools, in order to acquire such knowledge and skills that will enable them to succeed in a process school of high standards and quality of training.

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