Admission process Kindergarten to 4th through

Nuestro Proceso de Postulación está abierto durante todo el año. Recibimos postulaciones de familias provenientes de colegios de fuera de Santiago o de Chile, siempre y cuando existan vacantes para el nivel deseado.

For inquiries on availability of vacancies, please write to the ministry of Admission: Magdalena Fluxá,

Documents required to apply for courses between K and 12°:


Documents required to apply for courses between 1° and 12°:

  • Certificate of study in the last 2 years
  • Certificate of notes of the current year
  • Report of personality
  • Send proof of transfer:
    Educational Development At Southern Cross S.
    RUTH: 96.618.600-3
    Current Account Bank Itaú
    Number: 0210447600
  • Value test: $50.000

To apply to Kindergarten you have to find out if there are vacancies, and then present the report of personality from kindergarten or college that comes from the or lower.

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