The year 1987, we joined a group of seven teachers friends to realize a dream, a powerful idea that we were coming to mature since it was already a time: a school where the children grow up in a warm and welcoming environment, may develop to the best of their abilities, so that they would go to work with constancy and perseverance, engaging with their daily tasks.

It is as well as once consolidated our Educational Project, we strive to find a name that could represent it. This was to reflect our philosophy and principles: the Southern Cross inspired us. The symbology of the four stars that comprise it represents for us: school, teacher, student and family, the fundamental pillars of our community. On the other hand, the Southern Cross was the guide that guided the ancient mariners exploring new worlds; so we, we want to lead our students to discover and develop all the necessary skills to respond creatively in a variety of situations and challenges they will be presented to throughout their lives.

Today, that initial group of teachers has established itself as a community of more than 100 people involved with this educational project, and more than 30 generations graduates who give credit of the goodness of the same, and of which we are proud.

Our alumni excel in the areas most diverse in the daily work, and with a creativity which is not easy to find. I cannot fail to mention the satisfaction that causes me to see them so close to the visit to his college, some to contribute with their work to our educational community, others for trusting us with the education of their children or simply to get the both of their lives.

Carmen Ayala, Founder The Southern Cross School