Regulation of payments

To ensure the financing of the educational activity performed by the college and the handling of funds, establishes the following Regulations:

1.- The school informs annually through its website, which will be the amount of the tuition,
bonus of incorporation and fees of the yearly tuition.

2.- The registration duty to be paid in cash in the month of October and is non-refundable. To
to access it, it is required to have no debts to the college.

3.- In the event that the student has been enrolled for the following year and if during the period that
it is between the registration period and the end of the year is in progress, committed, or fall in acts
in conflict with the rules of procedure of evaluation or discipline, will expire tuition, taking
the right to the reimbursement of the amount paid for this concept.

4.- The yearly tuition you may cancel at a maximum of 10 installments from march to December, or the
counted until march 31, with a discount of 2%. The deadline is the 10th of each month
(month in advance) to pay the monthly payment. The delay or default on the payment of such obligations
accrue expenses of collection, and the maximum interest conventional operations indexed to
count of the due date and until payment in cash.

5.- In case you want to finish early and voluntarily contracted services with the
school must give you prior notice of 1 month or cancel the value of that month.

6.- If a student goes on a trip for a period of 6 months or more and would like to maintain its quota, it is
you will need to pay 50% of the tuition in the months of absence.

7.- The bonus of incorporation must be paid in cash to enroll the student. There will be No
return of the bond of incorporation under any circumstances.

8.- In order to improve and streamline the system of payments, we have provided the following forms of
payment described below, and which should be reported in the tax office:
to.- Payment through PAT or PAC (automatic payment credit card or checking account)
b.- Payment online through the website of the college
c. - cash full year (2% discount) with a credit card or check.
d.- Payment by bank transfer to the account of the College in the Bank Itaú nr. 0210447600.
Educational development at Southern Cross SA – RUTH 96.618.600-3.

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