Wanalen Kerus Waiwen

The Group of girl Scouts of The Southern Cross School, Wanalen Kerus Waiwen, operates through six different units that bring together different age ranges of children.

  • Lobitas – Girls from 2° to 5° Basic
  • Cub – Children from 2° to 5° Basic
  • Company – Girls of 6° Basic First Half
  • Troop – Children from 6° Basic First Half
  • Advanced – Young people from Third to Second Half
  • Klan – Young people from Fourth Through

The value is to be defined, and will be reported in future meetings of proxies that we will have after from our first year of activities. In these we will explain in greater detail how the Wanalen and the activities that will be carried out during the year. We welcome all who wish to participate.

The meetings will be on Saturday, in college, from 15:30 to 18:00hrs.

Contact: wanalen.tesoreria@gmail.com

IG: wanalenkerusw

FB: Wanalen Kerus Waiwen