Center of Parents and Guardians,

We are a group of Parents who voluntarily participate in the coordination of activities, and lifting of important topics, with the main aim to make a community, always ready to listen.

Board comprising:
Claudia Salas, President
Gabriela Loyo
Karina Pino
Claudia Yanez


Link of interest: Meeting of the Parent Center for the prevention

Recognition of CPA Award Ceremonies 2022

Our purpose is to build bridges of communication between the parents and the school, in order to support our children in their education and that we can all be part of the community Southern Cross.


We are pleased to announce two events with very special that we are organizing with great enthusiasm, our Bingo Tallarinata Solidarity, the primary purpose of which is to raise funds for the creation of a fund of solidarity to our entire community and the II Feria de Emprendedores 2023 seeks to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, inspire creativity, give them visibility and support.

Event details:
Date: Saturday 02 September 2023
Time: 13:00 to 18:00 hours
Place: school Gymnasium and a Central Courtyard

The Bingo Tallarinata Solidarity, it will be an experience that is entertaining and full of fun, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch, platters of desserts, fantastic prizes, live music with Decibelia and a show of phenomenal animated by “El Rorro and his angels.”

The Fair of Entrepreneurs is a unique showcase our talented community has the opportunity to present their projects, products and services to all of you.

As a CPA, we believe in the importance of solidarity and collaboration to build a community together and support each other. Your participation in both events there will only be a moment of entertainment, but also an opportunity to generate a significant impact in our community.

The pre-sale of the Bingo will be via transfer and will begin on Wednesday, August 16, at a value of $6,000 per person and will run until Friday, September 01, hopefully able to anticipate your purchase, since the sabbath 02 the entry in box office will have a value of $7,000 p/p.

Data transfer:

  • Ximena Hormazábal
  • Account RUTH
  • The State bank
  • N°: 12881575
  • RUTH: 12.881.575-9
  • Ticket price per person: $6.000.-
  • Mail proof:
  • In the subject or message of the transfer, enter the last name of the family that attends. If it is just a contribution, please indicate “donation”.

We hope to have your support and enthusiastic participation. Thank you in advance for your willingness to donate prizes that will make this experience even more special.

It states, we can achieve much more than we can imagine! Thanks for being a part of this beautiful effort.



We have signed a new agreement with shops Ficcus that gives a 2X1 on apparel and footwear for the entire community SCross. The benefit is you can make cash at the shops: Manquehue, Paseo Los Dominicos, Space, Urban Meadow, Urban Space The Lagoon.
Only need to fill your details in THIS LINK.


During this year we finalized a strategic alliance for the recruitment of the Accident Insurance School in mode Collective. The goal is to deliver health coverage at a preferential price delivered by Insurance CLC and your lender preferential Las Condes Clinic for the entire school community.

The term of this insurance would begin from April 01, 2023 to march 31, 2024.